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There are different ways of spelling Kabbalah, in the celebrated Hermetic work of the Alchemist Fucanelli  "Le myste're des Cathedrales" a distinction is drawn between what is termed the phonetic Cabala and Jewish Kabbalah. Cabala the phonetic is described as "the instinct or voice of nature, a lost key to the mysteries, the language of the Gods and the language of the birds". I know this cabala as the book of nature. The Jewish Kabbalah is described  as "Tradition and intrigue full of transpositions, inversions, substitutions and calculations as arbitrary as they are abstruse." This form of Kabbalah can become somewhat of an intellectual pursuit full of the unfulfilment  intellectual pride and prejudice can bring.


Qabalah possesses another issue, to gain some understanding of this we must look at it kabbalistically. The word Qabalah starts with the letter Q as opposed to K or C.  Both K and C have the same basic phonetic sound (please note I'm choosing my words very carefully here, one may say in a kabbalistic manner) in Hebrew the letters C and K translate to is the letter Kaph - meaning to receive. So we can derive from this that in both forms of C/Kabbalah the participant potentially receives something from its pursuit. Qabalah Q is the Hebrew letter Qoph meaning something that is transcendent beyond the limitations of life and death, a much more magical form. 

Qoph is the tarot card of the Moon, in this card there is a path that runs between two towers, these are the two towers of duality seen in the Tree of Life as the outer pillars and the path or the way as we might call it passes between the extremes -- the Moon represents the inner or occult light - the Qabalah that guides the initiate through the darkness of that night. As the path leaves the waters there we find friend and foe - the dog and the wolf both howling in dual voices at the inner light. In the water is a crustacean - a creature that lives in these inner waters, but can leave them for a time and come on to land just as unresolved subconscious material can effect our daily lives. The crustacean represents the Qippoloth of the kabbalah - the realm of the shells and demons of the past, that can come and haunt us. The traveller upon the path need be well aware that his or her past may bite one on the ass, friend and foe alike may howl at the occult light but it is up to the individual to tread the lonely narrow path, guided by that inner occult light of the kabbalah/cabala/qabbalah.


So What kabbalah do you follow?  For me the Holy kabbalah is all of them and so much more. So if I take the 3 letters QKC  away from the word I get AB Alah -- Allah has no need of an introduction this is a name of God meaning the one true God and Ab means father. Our father God, whose art is in heaven, holly be his names, shall his kingdom come, and will be done, as above so below, give us this day,  the bread of our life, show us the way of harmony and forgiveness, lead us not from the narrow path, of your kingdom. Amen.

Kabbalah as a religion

Kabbalah as a religion?   This is something that I have heard in recent times as kabbalah has grown to some notoriety.  In many ways the kabbalah is the enemy of  religion, for it can expose the archetypal truth behind all religious story.  If applied with an open heart and mind  it will free one from the howling of dogma --  it allows each sincere individual to find and experience God for themselves.  As I have said many times Religion is a set of disciplines designed to attain a goal - it is not the goal. These disciplines are to be practiced religiously in order to find attainment. When religion becomes the goal there is no attainment just dogmatic imprisonment of incestuous thought. Kabbalah in all its forms is the light of the world, and that divine flame shines on all who come before its living continence, irrespective of color, sex, creed or religion -- it is the light of truth itself, only the ignorant fool would attempt to limit its light in dogma.

"Live by the spirit of the law, not the letter".

With these humble words may the light that shows the way, the truth, the life shine for all who seek it. Paul Tisdell.

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