A collection of ideas/archeENGINEs for contemplation.

The hermetic art gallery is a collection of images taken from various parts of the Hermetic work of Paul Tisdell. Most of the images are from the hermetic videos, Staff of the Wise, Sword and Shield and the CDROM - the Foundation Stone. The hermetic art gallery with its commentary gives unique insights into the Hermetic tradition of Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Magick but its greatest gift may well be in the insights given into some of the obstacles faced as we walk the spiritual path in this new age.
The term Hermetic Art well describes the spiritual path of the west. Hermes Thrice Great, messenger of the Gods and Art, well, it is the greatest of art forms - the art of self transformation. Art in any sense is evocative, in a hermetic sense it must evoke within the ripe student the question and via the art an answer will appear. He/she who knows this art also knows the greatest of all the artists.





Each image has a link to an info page. Permission to use these images can be obtained from Spiritual life. Please bear in mind the hermetic tradition is a bit like a website, links to the source material are important.
The Hebrew letter Lamed 30 is known as a conscious connecting link, its corresponding tarot card is Justice, the links are important for the lawful reason of the conscious

Thank you.



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