Holy Flame


The spiritual light of the world, eternally showing the way in all ages as it does in this new age. The Flame is the basis of all the work, it comes from a book we have yet to publish called  A Treaties on Light. We may publish it one day but at present we are not prepared to release it. However we will say that it was inspired by a chapter from the Zohar called Consuming Fire.



The five letters of the flame is the key Name of the mysteries, it is the name of the Redeemer.
In the Flame are the secrets of Alchemy and transmutation, and this flame burns eternally.

The more one understands the dynamics of this simple yet profound archeENGINE, the greater effect it will have on every aspect of life, from the most mundane to the deepest philosophic questions. In the world the flame creates light - in the inner world it shines through the shadow of illusions exposing the truth. It takes strength and maturity to face the truth as it takes strength and maturity to apply the disciplines suggested by this divine archeENGINE.

As an example of what I mean, look at the image and its 4 divisions -- the burning wick represents our instinctual being, the blue/black flame our mental emotional being, the white light our higher aspirations - our spiritual being and the all encompassing flame contains all of these aspects in one unity. From this can we consider that every aspect of our being has its place and if we deny - lets say our instinctual nature, what happens? Well what happens if you remove the burning upon the wick? The whole flame goes out.

The flame is a whole, a living whole showing us the process of life, it is holistic, used in every religion, but unlike most religious dogmas it does not isolate any part of its existence, it needs all of it to serve and fulfill its purpose or true will. If you consider where you place your point of attention in relationship to the cosmology of the flame, the flame can become a compass to direct you home.

If your point of attention is focused on the burning wick then you will see the fat of the candle being devoured and you demeanor shall be in fear of loss, you shall be in survival mode not knowing any peace, but if you know the purpose of your existence your attention shall be in the light and your consciousness expanded as a flames light radiating out - you will see from the mountain top.

When you have many candles lit in a room they create a unity of light - they are all in harmony with their purpose and therefore each other. "For the Lord your God is a consuming fire". The flame burns upwards liberating and purifying what matters, its purpose is the creation of light.

This may take some contemplation but what it offers is sweat nectar for the soul. It is said in the kabbalistic tradition that we cannot know God directly but we can know God by his bride Shekinah. Shekinah has a fiery presence and if she was to give birth the child could only be conceived miraculously, this child would be the child of God, born of the virgin.

If I have an unlit candle and light it from a lit candle then it is born of the virgin - a child of God, it becomes a light into the world. We may know God by his fiery bride, the father becomes the mother, the mother becomes the child, the child becomes the mother/father and the lamp is passed on.

And the spirit of God hovered over the waters of the deep and God said let there be light.

This is the simple foundation of my work, the flame is love and it ignites the soul, love is the law, "For the Lord your God is a consuming fire"." But ye that cleave to the lord your God are alive every one of you this day". (Deut. 4:24, 4:4). If you take nothing else from my work please take this and lighten the path, love is the flame, the light and the way. Paul Tisdell.


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