Works of Paul Tisdell

Over 20 years ago after undergoing an intense awakening process Paul was asked as his task to compile the Hermetic art. Paul's reply at the time,  "Yeah right, you've picked the wrong person".
Being a bit dyslexic, arguably the worlds worst speller and one who reads very little, one could well agree they picked the wrong person except for one thing:  -- His work is evidence enough for anyone who knew him before, something extraordinary had occurred here.
I asked him why he chose video as the main medium of expressing his teaching?     
"Well ---- about 10 years ago I had the help of a few artist friends and they did quiet a few paintings for me. Part of the tradition of the hermetic art is to contain the teaching in art-form, the art of the alchemist, the parables of the wise, the poetry of the touched all bare witness to this. There is a more practical reason for this I found -- a picture holds a thousand words, saves a lot of writing. So that period  was highly productive. Another couple of friends got me into video and  PC editing, here I found  the meeting of the inner and the outer worlds . I could express the art with the word and  image --- I did not have to say much, yet I said volumes. The student had to contemplate, meditate on the art and interpret it for themselves. I could really teach the unteachable. In magick one must create the correct environment to evoke the spirit, video created the right environment. Beauty is a point for transmutation, on the sacred flame it's where the blue black flame merges with the light above - the purpose of the flame is to create light. When we are touched by true beauty something changes -- love changes it -- the frog becomes the prince -- we see everything in a different light, this I call the 'light of Nature'. It renews all things, it turns a beast to a man/women - love is the law. The hermit seeks it in his tarot journey, he stops his search when he/she realizes the light he seeks, he carries. How often do we look at a painting and find something new, you can go away from it for years and still be enriched by your experience, come back to it and be uplifted again.  When the flame is lit it does not shine but once, it is an eternal flame --  "I have come into the world alight" (John), "for the lord your god is a consuming fire" (Deut.) -- these phrases aren't just to fill space on pages you know, us hermetics have never had such a vehicle of expression such as video, its great."
                  Regarding the work Paul constantly stresses -- "find it first within and then you will know it everywhere. If you are looking for the secrets of Nature they are in your nature, if you are looking for the hidden God uncover your hidden God nature -- as above so below. If you look for your inner beauty and find it (its not hard) everything changes. Come out of the darkness and into the sun - its good, what is Tiphareth upon the Tree of Life for anyway?"
He's not interested in claims of grandeur - Hermes is but a humble scribe, the postman is just a delivery person -- keep your attention on the message.
                  If you take the work and practically apply it you will understand.  When asked about its
hermetic kabalistic accent he simply says "to gather rare dew you must have an appropriate vessel  -- The vessel is kabalistic".
The bulk of the work is contained in 10 exercises. There are many ways of applying these exercises, occultly as well as philosophically. They are master keys, opening many doors -- apply them in every opportunity you can, an opportunity missed is an opportunity wasted.


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