Spiritual Alchemy

The Art of Self Transmutation

Alchemy - the art of change.  If we cannot adapt to change we become encased in a pillar of salt, preserved for an eternity but dead, devoid of the very essence of life. In the life of the average man/women he is physically alive but spiritually dead. When dead he is spiritually alive but physically dead. Spiritual Alchemy awakens his spirituality, while he is physically alive leading him to the immortal truth of being.
The art of self transformation or internal alchemy -- spiritual alchemy is a topic of growing popularity that I have a particular passion for, throughout the website there is a constant focus on  self transformation or alchemy.

I do not want to repeat myself but I do wish to make the point that true alchemic principles are:

(1) sign posts in one's spiritual journey

(2) helpful to keep one grounded, for the hermetic philosophy of alchemy relies on the direct relationship between man the cosmos, Deity and Nature, as above so below, and

(3) there are specific alchemic formula designed to produce a specific spiritual chemical/alchemic response. When the alchemic code is understood and correctly applied a result from that action will ensue. Spiritual Alchemy is extremely scientific in an artistic way.

The laws that underlie Nature are the same fundamental laws that underlie the cosmos, they are ordained by Deity. Man is in miniature all that is in magnitude. Man/ Woman know thyself.

Nature is constantly changing, transmuting things from one thing to another, an egg to a catapillar, a caterpillar to a butterfly. Alchemic lore suggests that the fruit of Nature's labor of transmutation is Man, all things are evolving/transmuting to become man. Man's place in this scheme is to discover these secret laws and apply them in a conscious manner transforming what Nature perfects to that which perfects Nature.

If we consider the premise of alchemy that man/woman is the microcosm of the macrocosm (the universe in miniature) then metaphorically we are the sons/daughters of the macrocosm and at our inner spiritual center we are children of the Divine. Of-course this has a direct relationship with the legend of the Christ, the term the Son of God has naught to do with sexuality, it expresses an occult polarity. It is however an initiatic process that reaches well into antiquity and is a part of the alchemy of man, from the natural to the Divine.

The language of alchemy is archetypal, the Holy Kabbalah tells us that there are 4 worlds - Assiah the world of action, Yetzarah the world of formation, Briah the world of creation and Atziluth the Divine world, the world of the archeENGINEs. Often appearing within the psyche of the ripening fruit of nature (man) are archetypal images. These archeENGINEs appear in dreams and visions as signposts and/or road maps showing, in the language of the divine, a process we need to understand and apply in our spiritual quest.

Spiritual chemistry, Al chemistry -- in contemplation of the prefix Al we have the Thelemic Liber Al, Crowley's book of the law, although the term alchemy predates Liber Al by a few thousand years the relationship has its place, but for now let us consider the prefix Al. By phonetically converting the letters A L to Hebrew we can see the archetypal significance. The corresponding Hebrew letters are Aleph and Lamed, the totem of aleph is the ox and lamed the ox prod - it would appear here that we have  the beast of burden and the means of making it pull its burden. Aleph is the tarot card of the Fool, the one who is asked to make a leap of faith - the fool is the card without a number, for it is this poor fool who journeys through the grand archeENGINEs of the major acana of the tarot deck, a journey of self discovery and transformation /transmutation. 

Lamed is the Justice card, the law that the fool must apply to proceed upon his/her spiritual path. Lamed is also known as the conscious connecting link, the law of the world of archeENGINEs allowing us to connect with the Divine in consciousness, a mustard seed can grow into a grand tree, if it has faith that it can.

The archeENGINEs of Spiritual Alchemy are all around us, Nature shows the way for all who have eyes to see, and lets us hear in sweet rhyme all who have an ear to hear. Nature wastes not a leaf, not a droplet of water, all things have their place in her life, all thing come and go all sharing the one life. A caterpillar spun a cocoon digested itself, became something else, took wings and flew away.

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