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If you take only one thing from this work please take the message

of the below video clip to heart and be at peace,

our world and you shall be a better place.

Remember to love one another, from here all problems can be solved, this does not require faith but practice alone.  Love is the flame of which the truth of things can be seen. Seek its truth, for all but this is a shadow whose darkness makes it appear separate.

Thank you.



Central to all Spiritual practice is a single flame. This flame has a cosmology, it is the light of the Kabbalah, the transmutative flame of Alchemy, the staff of the Adept Magician and the flame of love that dwells within the heart. This flame is life itself and is one with its purpose. By its statement Spiritual Development is an organic response to life. This is my work, as above so below.

By understanding the cosmology of the flame and its light gives life purpose, processes and meaning. A meaningful life is one that is enriched, a spiritual life. Having spirituality in ones life opens the door to many possibilities enabling one to grow. The idea of spiritual growth can take on a real dynamic when it becomes Spiritual Alchemy. The idea of transmuting our reaction to events in our lives by its nature asks us to confront ourselves. To change something first you must possess it, you can not change what you have not got.

If you possess it, it cannot possess you.

The flame shows us this by its very nature - there are 4 divisions of the flame; a burning upon the wick, a blue/black flame, a white light that sits upon it and a subtler all-encompassing flame.


The burning upon the wick is the beginning of spirit acting upon matter, in this process the wax of the candle (fat of the lamb)  is in the first stage of transmutation. The end result of this action is the flame that emanates light. The fat of our sacrificial lamb is being transmuted to become light, this is very simple. This burning upon the wick represents our instinctual being, our subconscious. This can be easily seen, when we learn behaviors and we behave from them instinctually - we do it driving a car, once we have learnt we don't really think about it we just do it. There are other things we learn from events in our lives and these can go much deeper, not all serve us, some we serve. They possess our very lives creating recycling patterns that we just can't seem to get free from. There are instinctual patterns within our species that serve us and some that don't. The flame shows us the way of transmutation, Spiritual Alchemy, for it is here that what matters is transmuted to become light or wisdom.


The Stone of the Wise

Consider for a moment that you are on your journey in life - a stranger was passing by and seen you suffering with the trials of life, gave you some advice of a philosophic nature. You took this advice and began to apply it within the waters of your own life, you mix it well, applying it to every situation and as you do this you discover it to not only be good advice but it begins to transform your life. At first the advice is fluidic in its nature, but as time goes on you become to know its truth and it begins to solidify in your being, it becomes the Foundation Stone of your life. One day as you were walking down the path of life you see a stranger suffering from the trials of life, he held his hands out to you and in them was a cup which held his waters, out of your pocket you pulled out this stone of yours and placed it within the water. This stranger took your advice, drank the water tinctured with your stone and in time became transformed. What a wondrous stone, a philosophical stone, could it be a philosopher's stone - a stone of the wise?

Drink up, become wise - when someone hands you their humble cup, drop a tiny piece of the stone into their water so they may drink and become wise also. Said the serpent of the garden.....

It Just so happens that this cosmology of light is fundamental to the holly Kabbalah and the Hermetic Kabbalah, qabbalah, cabala.

This I consider to be a fitting foundation for what I will term organic spiritual development. If we put the burning upon the wick out so too goes the flame and its light. The flame is whole, one cannot in reality separate its members.
If we consider all of the things a flame and its light are used to describe we get an idea of what this transmutation process can bring forth. The hermetic arts of alchemy, kabbalah, magic etc become a most divine tool that can assist in the quest of "know thyself" for the flame is alive, it emanates the light that makes the darkness retreat, it awakens love within our hearts. The Kabbalah says the seat of Binah (understanding) is within the heart.  Binah is within the supernal light beyond the abyss to where truth is known.

This light unifies all religion, humbles all before its grandeur, it knows no limit and fears no darkness. To simply light a candle is to be one with this work. Paul


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